How Yoga Can Help Keep Us Healthy During The Pandemic

The Covid-19 virus spreads quite rapidly. But you know what spreads even more rapidly? The emotional and mental unrest that accompanies it.

It is not surprising that many are breaking down from panic attacks, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Any measure that can help us handle the emotional and physical toll the pandemic brings is of the utmost importance.

And there’s one measure that fits this bill perfectly: yoga.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a mind and body practice. Although it might have meant different things to different people in the past, the focus of modern-day yoga is mindfulness in movement.

Mindfulness is non-judgemental awareness of the present moment.

Yoga is a very simple practice with tons of benefits.

The Benefits Of Yoga

1. Reduces stress

Research has shown that yoga plays a vital role in decreasing our levels of cortisol, the body’s primary stress hormone, in the blood.

2. Boosts self-confidence

Yoga helps us become in touch with our bodies in the present moment, allowing us to accept and love our bodies as they are overtime.

All of this is done without judgement, which increases self-confidence.

3. Reduces inflammation

Research has shown that practicing yoga may lessen inflammation in the body. The Covid-19 virus causes severe lung inflammation. Therefore, yoga could be an effective tool for managing this symptom.

4. Improves flexibility

Our increase in inactivity in recent times can lead to the development of tight areas in our body, pain, and immobility. Yoga can help prevent or undo all of these.

5. Helps alleviate back pain

Inactivity can lead to tightness throughout the body and spinal compression. This can then lead to back pain. However, yoga helps to reverse the process, reducing the back pain.

6. Improves blood flow

This leads to the proper circulation of oxygen to all organs of the body. In addition, lymph is drained faster, aiding the maintenance of a healthy immune system.

7. Encourages a healthy lifestyle

According to studies, practicing yoga promotes healthy habits in individuals such as mindful eating, quality rest, positive moods, deep breaths, etc.


Yoga is good for the body and the mind. Contrary to societal beliefs, you don’t need a yoga studio to practice yoga. You can still get all the benefits of yoga by simply stretching and connecting with your inner self at home.

Also, everyone can practice yoga irrespective of their age or present health status. Don’t push yourself too hard though.

To get or find out the yoga technique(s) that suit you, you could consult an online yoga consultant.

Finally, yoga can be easily learned by simply watching videos, joining a virtual yoga community, or consulting a yoga practitioner.

At the end of the day, it is all about finding out what works for you and sticking to it.

Photo by rishikesh yogpeeth on Unsplash

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