8 Tips For Staying Active During The Lockdown

Updated: Jan 7

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted a huge part of the normal happenings in our lives. A lot of activities such as schooling, corporate work, meetings, etc. are now being done online, reducing physical activity to the barest minimum for many. This is quite dangerous as physical activities are paramount for maintaining good health.

It might not be easy to find the motivation to exercise with everything happening in the world right now. However, you cannot afford to slack during this period.

Exercising can become a lot easier, if you begin to see it, not as a burden, but as a tool for your survival during this critical period. Because it is just that. And I’ll prove it. Keep reading.

Benefits of exercising

1. Improves mood

In times like these, when so many things seem to threaten our sanity daily, exercise can assist us in building emotional resilience.

Also, research has shown that the beneficial effects of physical activity on our mood may actually persist longer than previously thought. So, next time you’re feeling down, go for a quick run. It’d help a lot.

2. Prevents unnecessary weight gain

Excess weight puts us at risk of many health challenges, such as fatty kidney, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, etc. Regular exercising can go a long way in keeping these diseases away.

3. Boosts immunity

Research has shown that regular moderate-intensity exercise plays a role in improving immunity and helping the body fight infections, such as influenza and Covid-19. Enough said.

4. Improves sleep quality

Limited exposure to sunlight and normal daily activities, which is kind of the new normal, can disrupt your sleep cycle and lower sleep quality.

However, there’s good news. Exercise can go a long way in improving sleep quality.

Tips for exercising during the pandemic

1. Set clear goals

Setting clear and attainable goals give you something to aim at and that could keep you motivated in itself. It is also important to share your goals with family and friends to keep yourself accountable.

2. Create an exercise routine

Having a particular time for the exercise helps you to be consistent. You could have a moderate-intensity workout for about 20-30 minutes each week, it all depends on you.

3. Engage in bodyweight exercises

Gyms are closed in many parts of the world. You, most likely, have very limited access to weights. So, saying, "engage in bodyweight exercises," may not make much sense at first.

However, there are ways around this with certain exercises. Examples of such exercises are pushups, lunges, squats, crunches, burpees, etc.

4. Be creative with household items

Some of your household items could substitute for fancy exercise equipment. For instance, you could use a tea table for triceps dips or gallons of water as weights. Enjoy exploring your creativity.

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