Stock Up On These 5 Healthy Foods To Boost Your Immune System During Covid-19

Nutrition has always been one of the pillars of health. Not just for humans, but for all living organisms. What we eat matters.

Now, as we sit in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, this is more true than ever. Proper nutrition builds our immune’s system capacity to prevent, fight, and recover from infections.

So, while eating a balanced diet is very important during this era, foods that play more roles in immunity-boost should be paid more attention.

Those are the foods this article will focus on.


Proteins play a fundamental role in supporting our immune cells such as phagocytes and cytokines. Some recommended proteins include:

  • Lentils and legumes, such as beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, moong dal, etc.

  • Nuts and seeds, such as almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, etc.

  • Soy and soy products, etc.

  • Eggs


Fruits are healthy ways to get a lot of the nutrients and vitamins that help combat infections. Your choice of fruits during this period should include:

  • Citrus, such as lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, etc.

  • Red Bell Peppers, as they are really good sources of vitamin C and beta-carotene.

  • Berries, as they are good sources of antioxidants, such as blueberries, strawberries, elderberries, acai berries, etc.

Other fruits you can, and should, try out are watermelons, dried tart cherries, pomegranates, kiwi, papaya, etc.


Vegetables are important sources of minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibre, which are all important in fighting infections. While all vegetables are good, some of the vegetables to prioritize in this period are:

  • Broccoli, as they are excellent sources of potassium, folates, and antioxidants.

  • Spinach, as it is rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants.

  • Kale leaves, as they are packed with suitable amounts of copper, calcium, manganese, potassium, and vitamins A, K, B6, etc.

Whole grains

They contribute a lot to fibre intake. Examples of whole grains you should consider include whole grain rice and pasta, oats, buckwheat, quinoa, and other unrefined whole grains.

Healthy Spices

The addition of certain spices to our foods can go a long way in boosting our immunity, and also the taste of our foods. So, win-win! Examples of such spices are:

  • Ginger. It possesses strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is also a common remedy for cough and cold.

  • Garlic, as it has some significant antibiotic properties.

  • Turmeric, as it is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

  • Cinnamon. It possesses antimicrobial properties that help reduce the chances of respiratory diseases and seasonal infections.


Drinking enough water is very important in maintaining our immune system as it plays vital roles in proper circulation of nutrients, lymphatic draining, etc. Other low or non-sugary fluids, like tea, can also be considered.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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