4 Outdoor Activities for When You Need to Get Out of the House

With lockdown, day-to-day activities like walking to the grocery store, or going out to the parking lot, or moving around the office have all come to an instant halt.

And our lifestyle, as a result, has become sedentary. We're bounded between four walls.

If we're not mindful, we can spend an entire day sitting, watching movies, online shopping, or scrolling on social media.

To avoid this and take care better care of ourselves, we've outlined 4 socially-distanced outdoor activities that you can enjoy even now, during the pandemic.


Whether you're walking around the yard, watering your flowers, or digging holes for new plants,

gardening is a good way to get in some movement. And, as it's done in your own yard, you don't have to be around anyone to do it. Unless you want to involve your partner or kids, which can make for a fun screen-free family activity. Everyone likes to get their hands dirty now and again.


If you have permission from your local government to be outside of your home, pick up your bike and go for a ride. Just make sure to maintain a safe distance from others—at least 6 feet.

If you have a stationary bike and the weather permits, you can ride it in your lawn as a means to reduce anxiety and stress caused by the pandemic.

Some Outdoor Games

If you have a yard that is 6 feet away from any public area, such as parks or sidewalks, you can safely play and enjoy outdoor games.

Many outdoor games require no skill to be played and very little (if any) equipment. Examples are tag and frisbee.

You can also install a badminton net in your yard, or even build a soccer goal. Get creative!


The old tried and true. As long as you avoid crowded areas, taking walks is a good idea. It helps you stay active, and gives you a change of scenery.

If you're keen on hiking, be sure to avoid narrow trails where contact with others is inevitable. And try to go when parks are least likely to be busy, like in the early morning or late in the evening.

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

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